The Moon on July 20, 1969.



Moskau - Dschinghis Khan


#meme it


x Carlos the Scientist

  • there are four knobs on his goggles; zooming, shading, night vision, and heat signature. he wants to build in something that can detect matter, but he hasn’t been able to install it yet.
  • okay, so i know i drew tentacle tattoos, but i’m still trying to decide whether to keep them as tentacles, or splatter him in galaxy-types of tattoos, hhhhh
  • he has a scar on his throat because he has to change his vocal cords every couple of years because- well, you know, throat spiders
  • he has tentacles in one of the au’s i’m working on for him, and i decided to make them blue tentacles, aaaaa, brhrsdtf the tentacles were fun to draw

and that’s it for tonight’s stream; thank you to everyone who stopped by. <333 u\u


Mew Ichigo!!



is a design based on one of Mucha’s illustrations!  I plan to complete a whole series of princess and mucha mashups.  You can get this as a print on Society6 or Redbubble, and as a shirt on RB and S6 currently (will add to Teepublic soon, after a nap!) .  Enjoy!